Dillion, her mother and father are watching wrestling on TV. Cory is a lot less excited about wrestling than they are. “This is fake” Cory tells them rolling her eyes. She gets up in disgust to do laundry while they watch their wrestling. As their watching Dillion asks if her dad knows some of these moves and if he can teach her. They get on the floor and laugh as they lovingly fake wrestle.

She gets on top of him and they laugh. As dad starts to push her off his hands press against her large breasts. They both stop looking awkwardly at each other. She starts to grind against him and dad takes a step back. What was that, he thinks.“Let me show you something else” he says. After a few more moves and some groping hands they are both on the edge with excitement.

They take off their clothes to wrestle some more. They both know this is wrong but they can’t help themselves. They will stop before anything really happens they think. Dad gets on top of Dillion pinning her to the ground when his penis slides into her and he thrusts into his little girl. “Oh daddy!” she screams

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