Long story short : You went out with your girlfriend tonight. You were making out at her house…it was getting really hot…she reached out and grabbed your dick through your jeans…and you came. Fuck! Embarrassing!!So now you’re at home, in your bed, still un-fucked…embarrassed…blue balls…and falling asleep. You just want to talk to your Mom about it – she’s so helpful and understanding…and beautiful – but you’re way too embarrassed to ask your mom how to keep from cumming in your pants every time a girl touches your dick. You drift off with confusing thoughts of girls, shame, fucking, and your mom’s sweet face, all swirling in your head……there’s your sexy-dreamy Mom, hovering above you…it’s an out-of-body experience…and the best thing you’ve ever felt.Sweetheart, you’re never going to keep a girlfriend if you can’t control your cock and balls; girls want a boy who can make them cum over and over again before he does. Lie still, baby…let Mom teach you how to control yourself…Let Mom stroke your big, beautiful cock…the cock I gave you, after all..and show you how to keep that yummy cum in your balls until it’s time to pop. Mm-hmm, that’s it, son…slow and easy…Now listen closely to Mom – when you start feeling your balls tighten and your young cock throb…stop what you’re doing, just like this…see how Mom alternately strokes and stops, strokes and stops? Feels good, doesn’t it, babyboy? Mm-hmm…I see you twitching and humping…Mom knows what that means. I’m going to just massage the head of your cock now, baby…it won’t make you cum, but it’ll feel SO good. I’m going to edge your cock until you’ve learned some control.That’s Mom’s good boy…keep that big load of cum in your balls til Mom’s finished playing with your cock, son…let Mommy get all the pleasure she needs from your dick before I jerk it out of you with my expert and loving touch. Explode now, baby…it’s time.Some dreams you never want to end

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