Imagine…it’s a regular day at school…until one of the guys passes you a note, along with a weird stick-thing. When you read the note you can’t believe your eyes – it says that the stick-thing is a Magic Wand! It also says that the wand has been passed down from generation to generation of “fed-up guys whose moms need to chill the fuck out.” It’s a special Magic Wand to make mean moms nice…weird! The note looks super old, and there’s something at the bottom about some moms not being able to handle the magic, but the bottom of the page is missing…hmm. You think this sounds too good to be true, but figure you’ll give it a try on your bitchy mom tomorrow morning….As soon as you walk into the room, your mother is already griping at you. You can’t get a word in as she complains about your messy room, your grades, and who the hell knows what else. This is her typical mood lately so you figure that now’s the time to try the Wand…see if it really works. While mom’s bitching away, you point the thing right at her forehead, and *bling* all of a sudden – your mom is smiling at you, offering you cereal for breakfast and telling you how proud she is of you. This is crazy! You try again, this time aiming at her heart, and *bling* your mom’s telling you how much she loves you and that she’d do anything in the world for you…wow! It really works!You get an idea : the Magic Wand seems to work no matter where you point it, so as your mom’s chattering away about how wonderful everything is…you aim it at her crotch, and *bling* – ohshit, your mom starts rubbing her pussy, right there in the dining room! She’s moaning about how hot you are now, almost grown, and how you deserve something hot to eat…oh fuck, dude, it’s really working…you can control your mom with the Wand.You point the Wand at your moms tits and *bling* she rips her tits out and starts pinching her nipples, talking all sexy about wanting you to suck on them. Next thing you know, you’re blinking that fucking Magic Wand like crazy at your mom’s pussy while she fingers herself right there in front of you…!Whoa, this can’t be happening…but it is, and now you aim the Wand at your mother’s beautiful, full lips…knowing exactly what will happen now…and, *bling* your now-sweet and so-fucking-horny mom drops to her knees and starts ravenously sucking your knob. Your eyes are rolling back in your fucking head – she’s sucking so hard it feels like your balls will collapse – you *bling* your mom again, and she slows down…taking her loving, sweet mommy-time sucking your throbbing cock while you stare down, disbelieving, every time your cock disappears between her lips.You use the Wand on your mom over and over, having her suck you slow, then fast, then take your cock as deep as she can…stretching her throat on your dick…you *bling*, and mom’s sucking your balls, and it feels so good you can’t stand it. Another *bling* and your mother is pistoning her mouth on your cock like there’s no tomorrow……and, when you feel the cum start to bubble up in your balls, one final *bling* locks mommy’s lips tightly around your dick, so you can dump your magical load right into her mouth.** You pump an ENORMOUS load into your mom’s mouth, eventually spilling, dripping, running out and down my chin while I smile up at the best son in the wide world. I love you, baby.

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