Why are you still in bed son? You’re going to miss your ride to school if you don’t get moving…What do you mean you’re not going to school today? Of course you are. Get up!Don’t be that way, son…tell mom what’s wrong. Are you sick? Did you get into trouble or something? Come on, baby, you can tell mommy anything, you know that…Something happened in the shower after gym class today? Oh, you poor boy – you got a hard-on in the shower….and all the other boys saw it? And they made fun of you…said you’re gay because you got a boner in the shower? Mommy’s poor boy. But it’s okay, baby, you know you’re not gay, and mom knows, too.No, of course you’re not wrong. Just because you get an erection in the shower doesn’t mean you’re gay. That just means that you’re at the age where boys get hard-ons at inopportune times…it happens. You are not gay, son. Don’t be silly.Because I’m your mother and I’ve known you your whole life. I’ve caught you masturbating to straight porn on your laptop, for goodness sake. Look, I don’t have time for this – I’m going to prove to you, once and for all, that you are a completely normal, heterosexual boy….Lie still, son..mom’s going to pull your penis out and show you something… Just relax, baby. It’s not wrong if mom’s helping you learn a valuable life lesson. Mommy’s going to rub your dick while you lie there and think about pretty girls…lips, breasts, legs…fantasize about all the things you love about girls while I make your cock feel good, baby. It’s growing already, see? Look what a big, strong boy I’ve raised…and look how hard your cock is already! The more I rub it, the harder it will get, baby…see? Of course you like girls – your cock is hard as a rock, and mom can feel it throbbing in her hand…so hot. Hold still…Mommy’s going to suck it now, baby. Don’t worry, it’s not like you’re going to tell your friends that your mother sucked your cock before school…it’s our secret. I’m going to make sure that you don’t get another hard-on in the shower, son. I’m going to help you, every morning before school, make sure that those young balls are drained and your cock has had the attention it needs. Mommy’s going to suck it deep and slow and stroke your bigboy cock until it’s throbbing, son, and keep sucking and sucking and sucking until you just can’t hold it anymore. Tell me you want it, son…let me hear you say you want it. Mmm…that’s my good boy…mommy wants it, too. Do it now, baby…unload your cum straight into mommy’s mouth. Mommy loves you.

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