You like my well-worn pantyhose? Look at them, the bottoms of the feet and the toes are so dirty. I’ve had them for such a long time and I’ve never even bothered to wash them. I should probably throw them away but they do come in handy sometimes. You see some of my tinies have a thing for well-worn pantyhose hose and stockings. The thought of having me slip into these old hose and letting them bury their little faces into them is very arousing. Many men have paid me huge sums of money to have me shrink them and use my stocking covered feet to stroke them. The like to feel the stockings aginst their naked skin and to be sm*thered over and over by the smelliest part of the toes. They absolutely love that the hose are so dirty and that they smell strongly of my feet. They like when I talk to them about all teh things I’ve done in them. Shopping all day long, business meetings, dancing til dawn, etc. Sometimes I get turned on myself. And sometimes on very rare occasions if I have a lot of fun I decide not to let my new little friend go. Tiny men do make such wonderful pets you know.

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