Your wife insisted that the two of you try this new marriage counselor, so here you are..With new clients, she likes to talk to you individually first, then together. Since your wife went first, it’s your turn to talk to the marriage counselor privately, while she waits in the outer office. Almost immediately, the counselor zeroes in on the truth – your wife is impossible to please – and is very sympathetic to your unhappiness in the marriage. She’s hot, too…and keeps touching your knee…asking questions about your dismal sex life.You tell her that it’s been forever since you’ve even had a blowjob – the therapist tells you that, sadly, there aren’t likely any coming from your wife anytime soon…she’s made that clear. But again, the therapist sides with you, telling you that your wife is obviously sexually repressed…you poor man.Before you know what’s really happening, your new marriage counselor propositions you – right there in the office with your wife only feet away on the other side of the door. She says that she’ll suck your cock, right here and now, and drops to her knees in front of you.You’re shocked, but can’t tell her no…it’s been so damn long, and she’s so hot…and there’s no telling when you’ll get another blowjob from your wife.She’s tugging your pants down.She’s smiling at you, pulling your cock up to her lips.She’s going to do it – right here – ohgod, the marriage counselor’s lips are around your cock now. And it feels so fucking good.There’s no way you’d stop her…fuck, her lips around your shaft…eyes looking up at you…you’ve never seen your wife like this – the bitch.As she’s sucking your cock better than you thought possible, your new marriage counselor encourages you to ‘get it out’ – admit that your wife is a frigid bitch…admit that she’s a no-cock-sucking cunt who deserves what’s happening right now in this office…That’s right, baby…fuck that frigid bitch. I’ll suck your cock…every week…while she waits outside my office on that cold, hard waiting room chair…thinking that you’re in here trying to be a better husband. Ha! I’ll charge wifey 300 bucks a week to let you come in here and get sucked off, instead. Fuck…you have a nice cock…I could suck you all day. mm-hmm, baby… I want you to cum in my mouth. Mmm, that’s right. I want the taste of your cum on my breath when I open that door. Do it…let your load fill my mouth while I pump your cock dry between my lips..that’s exactly what your bitch wife deserves.

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